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New ETS Services W.E.F. 10 October 2015


KTMB has released a new Intercity timetable which takes effect on 10 October 2015. Of particular highlight are new additional ETS services linking Gemas with Butterworth and Padang Besar:

GEMAS – PADANG BESAR vv via KL Sentral (but bypassing Butterworth) – the up service leaves Gemas at 1400hrs, reaching Padang Besar at 2105hrs (7hrs5min), while the down service leaves Padang Besar at 0745hrs, reaching Gemas at 1500hrs (7hrs15mins). This is certainly great news for those looking for alternate travel time between Kuala Lumpur and Padang Besar than the current single service (which leaves KL Sentral at 0930hrs and starts the return journey at 1600hrs). Do note however that this service bypasses Butterworth & Bukit Mertajam, and has limited number of stops so check the schedule provided at the end of this post.

GEMAS – BUTTERWORTH vv via KL Sentral – this service is more of an extension of the current service between KL Sentral and Butterworth, with different timing. The up service leaves Gemas at 1630hrs, leaving KL Sentral at 1835hrs (2hrs5mins), reaching Butterworth at 2240hrs (6hrs10mins from Gemas, 4hrs5mins from KL Sentral).


BUTTERWORTH – PADANG BESAR – the up service leaves Butterworth at 1200hrs, reaching Padang Besar at 1345hrs (1hr45mins), while the down service leaves Padang Besar at 0945hrs, reaching Butterworth at 1130hrs (1hr45mins)


PADANG BESAR – IPOH – the timing has been changed. Up service leaves Ipoh at 0530hrs, reaching Padang Besar at 0910hrs, while the down service now leaves Padang Besar at 1715hrs, reaching Ipoh at 2055hrs.


Incidentally, KTM is also launching the Melaka – Negeri Sembilan Komuter service on the same date. The Shuttle will shuttle between Seremban and Tampin (55 services daily) and Seremban and Gemas (4 services daily).

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KTM Komuter is now in the North


KTM Komuter, the suburban commuter service by KTM, will be launching its Northern services come this Friday 11th September. The new service will be using three of the older three-car EMU (Class 83 – two in operation, one on standby), plying between Kamunting in Northwestern Perak, Butterworth in Penang and Gurun in Southern Kedah.

However, unlike the Klang Valley KTM Komuter service where one will find the trains operating at intervals as short as 15 minutes, this service will be more like that plying between Rawang and Tanjung Malim, i.e. a “shuttle” service. Trains will be running at 3-hour intervals, with an end-to-end journey in each direction taking slightly over two hours. Trains from either direction will go into Butterworth before resuming their journey.

The trains will be calling at all stations between Kamunting and Gurun, namely Bagan Serai, Parit Buntar, Nibong Tebal, Simpang Ampat, Bukit Mertajam, Bukit Tengah, Butterworth, Tasek Gelugor, and Sungai Petani. As to why the services start and end at Kamunting and Gurun rather than the more common sense Taiping and Sungai Petani, we speculate that this has to do with the fact that neither Taiping nor Sungai Petani has an immediate passing loop where trains could be stabled for the return journey. Still, for Gurun especially we opine the Komuter service will be a godsend. This will also undoubtedly be great news for those who wish to commute daily to Penang for work but live outside the state.

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