The 80s



  • 29 May 1981 Train no. 11dn being worked by 22136 from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore collided with the rake of train no. 67dn (freight) at Salak Selatan Junction
  • 27 November 1981 Train no. 61dn being worked by 22124 from Prai to Pudu Ulu derailed at Permatang Tinggi nr. Bt. Mertajam after colliding with a bus.


  • 31 January 1983 the new Pasir Gudang branch in Johor opened to traffic


  • 23 July 1984 The Minister of Transport launched a service trialling the British Rail Engineering (BRE – Leyland) built railbus, a variant of the BR Class 141/142 “Pacer” DMU in use in the UK. The unit had came from Thailand. KTM would ultimately choose Hungarian manufacturer Ganz Mavag’s railbus over this one, which was trialled round about the same time.

BRE Railbus

BRE Railbus


  • 8 February 1987 – Temoh station closed down and all sidings and loops removed
  • 11 February 1987 – Train no. 10up Ekspres Sinaran Petang from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur being worked by 23114 derailed while passing KM 723 near Sengkang in Kulai, Johor. Four passengers were killed.
  • Arrival of the Class 24 locomotives from Kobe, Japan

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